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What to wear for your family photo shoot


The family photo shoot.

The very phrase can send pangs of stress and anxiety through the most unshakeable
mothers.  On top of the usual stress concerning logistics, cost and children’s behaviors there’s the almighty, lingering question of outfits...

It’s seems so easy, we literally navigate through this problem everyday but why do we always wait until the very last minute to tackle?  It’s because it’s so overwhelming, we get
paralized by choice.  It’s too much think of at once and people push it aside until they know it’s too late and force themselves to “just make a decision”. I’m going to share some tips and explain how I handle it for my own family because it happens to photographer’s too!

I put together some ideas in case you need some inspiration...best part?  I found all these items at Gap- one store, that’s it!

Denver childrens photographer paint sessions

Tip 1: Find your centerpiece. Find the one piece of clothing or accessory that absolutely must be included in this photo.  Is it that scarf your grandma knitted for you freshman year?  Maybe that ridiculous hat your 2 year old loves?  How about the adorable sequined dress your daughter insists on wearing everyday?  Whatever that item is, that’s your starting point.

Denver childrens photographer paint sessions

Tip 2: Now that you have your centerpiece, you need to design your color palette,
this means you determine 3-4 other colors that compliment your centerpiece.  Once you know your palette, you build!  Comb your closets first, looking for pieces that you currently own that fall into that color space.  Mix shades and textures, if you stick to your color palette all the colors will work together.  If you can’t find everything for the family at home, then go shopping.  It’ll be so much easier knowing you’re looking for specific items in specific colors vs going in blind. 

Denver childrens photographer paint sessions

Tip 3: Accessorize!  Don’t forget to use your accessories- scarfs, shoes, hats, cute jackets, jewlery- it all counts.  You can have a relatively ordinary outfit but throw on an
accessory that fits with your color palette and boom everything is all in sync!

Denver childrens photographer paint sessions

Still stumped?  Wondering around aimlessly in the stores? I can help! Just send me an email!