1. Great! How do I book a session?
At the top of this page click on 'Contact' and fill out the form, it will send me an email and from there we can discuss availability.  Once we pick a date, I will send you a contract and a questionnaire.  To reserve a date, a 50% retainer must be paid, and then the whole amount must be paid 5 days before the photo shoot.

Denver childrens photographer paint sessions

2. Can I pick out my own colors?
Absolutely! We will work together during our consultation meeting before the photo shoot to determine a color palette just for you. I personally hand mix colors to get the right shades and tones that you want. Your child will be creating an amazing piece of abstract art. My goal is to make sure that piece of work integrates seamlessly with your current decor and furnishings.

3. I love this idea but will it ruin my kid's clothes?
No need to worry, I provide the undergarments for your kiddo to wear and they're yours to keep.

4. How do I clean up my kid afterwards?
I provide paper towels and wipes that will do a good job of getting a lot of the paint off. However, when the paint dries it can leave a little bit of a dust residue (washable) on clothes or carseats. I recommend for both kiddo and parent to wear old clothes to/from the session and possibly bring a covering for the carseat. Also, while the paint does come off easily, a bath at home afterwards is almost always a guarantee.

5. What kind of paint do you use?
I use Crayola washable tempera non-toxic paint. It comes off very easily with a wet cloth but it may stain clothes.

6. I have more than one child, can I have a shoot with all of them?
Unfortunately, no and there's two main reasons for this: First and foremost is safety, once there's more than one child involved it becomes a safety hazard (because they're so excited and honestly can go a little nuts- who can blame them?) and I don't want to risk anyone getting hurt.  And secondly, this is an opportunity for your child to call something all his/her own. There's pride involved in making it and a lot of pride in knowing, "I made that- just me!" when it's displayed in your home. If you have more than one child, I do offer discounts for siblings when booking all at the same time.  I'd be happy to discuss just let me know, I'd love to see one giant gallery wall in someone's home with prints up from each child in the house!

7. Is there an age limit?
Painting sessions are generally reserved for children ages 2-7 but feel free to call and talk to me if your kiddo is younger or older.  If you have child that is older I also have an abbreviated session I can offer them, it still involves making artwork and gives everyone a chance in the family to participate no matter what age.

8. How long is the photo shoot and where does it take place?
On average, the painting portion of the photo shoot runs about 20-30 minutes. I remain in the studio afterward to continue photographing the painting but you and your child do not need to stay. I work out of a studio in Boulder, just northwest of Denver.

9. How do I order?
We will view your photos together, 1-2 weeks after your photo shoot.  At that time we can discuss which products you'd like to use your print credit towards. In addition, I use special software to help you visualize how the artwork will look on your walls!

10. What type of products do you offer?
I work only with professional photo labs to bring you the best product offers: metallics, canvases, regular prints, between finishes & materials there are hundreds of options.  If there's a specific product or look you're interested in, let me know & I will do my best to find what you want from labs all over the country. 

denver childrens photographer paint session