Photo credit: Denise Chambers

Photo credit: Denise Chambers

-I became a photographer because I love discovering the extraordinary in the ordinary moments, places, days and times.

-I'm originally from upstate NY and although I've lived in Colorado since 1998, when I go back to visit I still say I'm going home.

- I can never turn off a Hugh Grant movie.

- I think the Northern Lights are the most magical thing I have ever seen.

- I've had schnitzel in 7 different countries and counting...

- I believe in the golden rule.

- I consider horrible school photos a childhood rite of passage.  Despite my career and abilities, I buy them of my kids every. single. year.

- I believe all art serves a purpose in this world, it's our mission to find it.

- If I could bottle two things for a personal time capsule it would be: my youngest son's belly laughs and machine gun noises & my oldest son's freckles and curly hair.

- I was almost arrested in Moscow for taking pictures in Red Square.  For real, ask me about it, it's a great

- I fell in love with my husband when he gave me an old vintage camera when I went back to school for my photography degree (but we were 'just friends'!)

- If my husband would let me I'd shiplap and install sliding barn doors in every square inch of our house.  I have an unhealthy addiction to HGTV.

- My mom is the epitome of strength and grace, no matter how old I get I continue to learn from her.