"It took me four years to paint like Raphael,
but a lifetime to paint like a child."-Pablo Picasso

Denver childrens photographer paint sessions

What I do is so much more than a standard photo shoot, it's an art commission.

I specialize in creating a contemporary, one-of-a-kind children's portrait ART experience. I do this by combining two classic art mediums: painting and photography.

It's a simple but creative idea: give kids paint and the freedom to do whatever they please. I sit back, camera in hand and let the happiness and excitement unfold.  I document all the giggles and wonderment as they explore their new found freedom.

After everyone gets cleaned up and goes home I continue with the photo shoot and creating the final masterpiece begins. I revisit their painting and find  fascinating images within their work.

And I photograph them. 

Whether it's shapes, compositions, textures, colors- it's all intriguing to me. I can spend up to an hour on just one painting hunting for just the "right" image.  From those images I make art...all designed by your little's palm plants, finger swirls and footprints.

After the session I work with your family to create large abstract contemporary masterpieces. It's perfectly sized to be proudly displayed above a sofa, fireplace mantel or staircase for all to admire.  Best of all, it's timeless.  You will forever be able to have your child's artwork hanging in your home.  Custom made all from your little just for you.

And of course, admired everyday by it's creator.  As an artist, I can't begin to convey the amount of pride you feel when you see your work displayed in someone's home.  Now think how it feels to a child?


Picasso said, "Every child is an artist, the problem is how to remain an artist when they grow up."

It's my job to help them never forget.

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