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Creative Kids Portraits, Artist in Residence Bio: Jack, age 3

Creative Kids Portraits

Young Jack is one half of an artist duo sweeping the town of Golden, Colorado. He partners with his sweet sister Lucy.  The two styles have never been so different.  His sister, many times lost in her own art, barely recognized the camera being present.  While Jack, in the presence of the camera, mastered an entirely new performance work subtly, yet appropriately titled “My Tongue is Out”.  

Critics speculate if his performance piece is a commentary on society’s ability to just accept what they can’t understand or if there is a more complex meaning relating to his rejection of the status quo and unwillingness to conform.  When pressed for an explanation about his choice of artistic expression he simply replied with, “I made this”.

So simple, yet so complex.

Whatever the thought process behind making the final masterpiece the results were primal, earthy, raw, conjuring up textures and compositions similar to the manes of horses and buffalo fur.  

Jack will continue sharing exhibition space with Lucy.  Upcoming shows are slated for: Downstairs Play Area and the ever controversial space: ½ Bath on the First Floor.



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Unique Kids Portraits- Artist in Residence Bio: Lincoln, age 1

Unique Kids Portraits

Born Lincoln Allen, he operates under the nom de plume, Honey Bear in order to maintain his anonymity and privacy.  He shares a co-working art studio space in the rural mountains of Golden,CO with his Mother (photographer) and Father, Sir Bisquik (partner in crime, inspiration/motivation, fur brother), Keva and his 3 monkey pals: Polk, Kennedy and Millard Fillmore. He most recently completed his first year residency at the school of hard knocks, where he will continue to grow and refine his artistic abilities indefinitely.

His current project called: Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk, Mama! is a modern contemporary performance piece exploring the ephemeral existence of childhood where the milk only exists briefly before being cleaned up by mom, dad or the dog.  While Honey Bear hasn't specifically mentioned his reasoning for this public art display, those who have witnessed it say its a social commentary about the fleeting existence of life itself.  The milk is there, briefly, then it's gone...

Performance art seems to be young Honey Bear's forte, in addition to "Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk, Mama", he is also showing, "Jeopardy!" an interpretative modern dance to the Jeopardy theme song while simultaneously reciting his haiku (inscribed by his mother because he, of course, is 1 year old and cannot write):


Yeah ah ah ma ma
Uh oh uh oh ha ba ba
Yeah yeah da da da

Honey Bear is trying to secure funding for his next performance piece titled, "...The Door...".  During this performance he will close the bathroom door, open the bathroom door, close the bathroom door, open the bathroom door while repeatedly saying "uh-oh".  This can go on for mere seconds or many minutes. Again, no explanation was given to understand the significance of this piece but one could speculate he may be trying to prepare and forewarn society from impending doom. 

Or...he just likes doors.

Whatever his intent, we are anxiously awaiting what new exciting things this emerging artist will bring to the art scene. Price of admission for all public performance pieces: one snack bowl full of Goldfish crackers.  Monkey bowls, preferred.

Denver childrens family photographer kids paint sessions
Denver childrens family photographer kids paint sessions
Denver childrens family photographer kids paint sessions
Denver childrens family photographer kids paint sessions
Denver childrens family photographer kids paint sessions
Denver childrens family photographer kids paint sessions
Denver childrens family photographer kids paint sessions
Denver childrens family photographer kids paint sessions
Denver childrens family photographer kids paint sessions
Denver childrens family photographer kids paint sessions
Denver childrens family photographer kids paint sessions
Denver childrens family photographer kids paint sessions
Denver childrens family photographer kids paint sessions
Denver childrens family photographer kids paint sessions

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New Year, New Website, New Direction -Welcome 2017!

If you’re a past client of mine you’re probably thinking things look a little different.  And you’re right!

2017 brings new things for ABP.  New logo, new website, and most importantly a brand new direction.  In the past 13 years as a professional photographer I’ve shot travel, commercial, events, weddings, food, high school seniors, newborns, families and babies.  That’s a lot.

I can honestly say I really do still enjoy shooting all those things.  I love shooting travel because I have incurable wanderlust that has driven me to shoot in all different corners of the world.  I love commercial because I get the opportunity to meet and make connections with people in different industries that I’d otherwise not meet.  I like shooting events because I get to experience some incredible things that I normally wouldn’t get invited to!  Weddings…oh weddings.  First, I shoot weddings with my BFF Denise and when we work together magic happens.  I’m blessed I have such a great working partner that just 'gets' how my brain works. Second, we both feel honored that we’re chosen to be a part of such a momentous day. 

Food photography- one of my secret passions, is all about the details for me and details are sort of my obsession.  High school seniors are fun because I’m capturing these young adults on the cusp of starting a new exciting chapter in their lives.  Newborns – who can resist chunky baby thighs and squishy cheeks?  And families and babies, it’s all about growth- families growing, babies hitting milestones. 

I truly LOVE, all those things. I will continue to love all those things.

But I discovered there was one aspect of my business that lit a fire in my belly, which made me lose sleep at night from excitement.  It would cause me to talk about it endlessly with a big giant grin on my face (probably boring my friends- sorry!)  What you see now, on this bright shiny new website, is it; I introduce to you, my painting sessions.  I’ve been contemplating changing directions with my business ever since I did my first painting session and over the past 4 years the sessions have evolved to what you see here.

The concept is simple but messy.  Help kids create art, let them have fun and document it from beginning to end.  This is more than your standard kids art project. I let kids go bananas with paint on a huge (9x9 feet) sheet of paper, their “canvas”.  I photograph all the fun that unfolds with it.  Then when everyone is cleaned up and leaves the studio, I go back to the masterpiece.  I study it, walk around it.  This is where MY creating begins.  I find just the right compositions to make into a contemporary large art display for their walls at home.  When I’m doing this, every worry, every doubt, every insecurity I have melts away and I’m free.  Nothing else fills my head except what I see in front of me.  

It is bliss. 

It’s so incredibly fun giving kids this memorable experience, and being able to watch and capture it.  I love that it is a true artist collaboration. We can’t exist without the other.

Without me there would be no experience.

Without them there would be no painting.

Without me there would be no photograph.

Without the photograph, there would be no art.

It's sooooo meta : P

Going forward it’s my goal to be known around town as “that children's photographer in Denver that does that paint thing” that’s totally cool with me.  If you’re a past client of mine and you’re not interested in the paint session, that’s also cool! I’m not abandoning you- I still love you and will continue work with you when you reach out to me. 

And if you think you might be interested in having your kiddo make some really cool art and huge wall displays, I want to hear from you!  Just click here to get in touch with me.  I'm now booking paint sessions for February.

I’d also like to say thanks to fellow photographers and other creatives that have helped me to take this scary and exciting leap.  To friends and family for the encouragement, proofreading, and acting as official idea bouncers, all of your input was so valuable.

Check out below to see a little video I put together of 2 recent sessions.