Paint Session Options

Love the artwork but painting in your undies is not your thing?
You're not alone.
Look below to see if there's another option that speaks to you.


The Paint Session- Mini

Aka the "older sibling" option.  What to do if you have one kiddo who is 6* but the other is 9? You still want artwork made by both kids but the 9 year old DOES NOT want to wear their undies and roll in paint.  Totally cool. This option is for them.

Aka "I'm an adult" option.  You're an adult and also want to play? Not a problem, you're allowed too.

The paint mini session works like this: we consult beforehand on colors, you come to the studio and I have everything all set up. You have 20 minutes, I play music, we laugh, you enjoy. At the end you get cleaned up and leave, then I photograph your work.  I don't photograph you when you're painting.  Not even one frame. You might be by yourself, there might be other people in the room doing the same thing.  You don't care, you're just in it for the art, baby.

Classic Mini- $265
Metal Mini- $500
Canvas Mini- $650
(includes materials and 20x30 print)

*25% Discount available if booking a mini session with a standard paint session


Bring a Friend Paint Session

This option is designed for small groups.  Perfect bonding for 2 friends before they leave for college or maybe a tween birthday celebration?  Concept is the same as the mini, I provide the supplies, the space and the entertainment.  Camera stays in the bag until everyone is cleaned off and gone. Prices below are for a classic 20x30 photography print, other materials can change the price. Max people: 6

2 people- $350
3 people- $500
4 people- $600
5 people- $680
6 people- $730


Portrait and Paint Mini

Unlike the other options above this does involve me photographing you...just not in paint.  The first part of the session is little mini portrait session, the studio where we paint is beautiful and the perfect place just to take a few snaps.  The studio is simple and modern, like a blank canvas and perfect to let you just be you.  The mini portrait session is about 15 minutes, and when it's over you can get changed into your "messy" clothes and make your art.  I will not photograph you while you paint.  After you leave, I go revisit your masterpiece and create something amazing.  This is great feel good gift for your tweenager or anyone else going through a life transition.  After the session you receive an 8x8 soft cover book of your images from your portrait session, plus a 20x30 print.

Classic Portrait and Paint Mini- $450
Metal Portrait and Paint Mini- $725
Canvas Portrait and Paint Mini- $850